Jelly Belly

10 Sep

A work collegue recently attended his grandmother’s funeral which was catered for by the CWA. He raved about the food particularly the Jelly Cheesecake Slice.

This is something that I had not had in years and had almost forgot about it. Jelly Cheesecake Slice used to be sold in bakeries everywhere and always made an appearance at School Fetes.

I found the recipe, strangely enough (yes, sarcasm), on the Aeroplane Jelly website and demanded cash from two of my colleagues for the ingredients, went home,  made it like magic and bought it to work the next day.

It took about 5 minutes.

It looked awful.

I despaired of the taste.

Everyone loved it…

…to an extent

Here is a review that Simon wrote:

What immediately came to my attention with the cheesecake was the wobbly jelly, what I looooooooooooved about it was that it really took me back to my childhood where as a young Australian boy I used to play with  footy with the joeys in the bush. [Simon is from Northern England and is here working on a holiday visa]

The colors were also a welcome site! The contrast between those rich reds and yellows were inspiring.

Texture was tremendous, never have I seen a cheesecake holds its shape so well once cut into. It was like molding clay!

The flavours tho are where it really came into its own, the tartness of the lemon, the sweetness of the red jelly (yet to work out the flavor) and the saltiness of the digestives [See? What Australian born and bred would use ‘digestive’ instead of ‘biscuit’?] led to what can only be described as warm tropical party where flavours on acid got to let their hair down.

Overall 10/10!


I think sarcasm is difficult to detect in writing.

Did Simon’s review make you hungry and yearn for this delicious treat? Well you can make it too. Here’s the recipe from the Aeroplane Jelly website:


1 x 85g packet Aeroplane Original Lemon Jelly
½ cup boiling water
500g cream cheese, softened
125g (½ packet) Marie biscuits, crushed
150g melted butter
1 x 85g packet your favourite Aeroplane Original Jelly Flavour
450ml additional water


Dissolve the Aeroplane Original Lemon Jelly in ½ cup boiling water. Allow to cool slightly, then whisk with cream cheese until smooth. Combine the crushed Marie biscuits and butter and press into the base of a 30cm round or square pan. Pour over the cream cheese filling, and then spread evenly to cover the biscuit base. Prepare your chosen Aeroplane Original Jelly flavour according to the pack instructions. Allow to cool to an egg white consistency, and then gently pour over the filling. Set until firm, and then cut into slices.

This is what the slice should look like. Mine did not. I left the jelly for too long in the fridge to cool before pouring it on top of the cheesecake. It was lumpy.*

*Hint: when your boyfriend insists that you should put jelly in the fridge because it will be a lot faster to get it to consistency of egg whites and suggests that you set a timer so you don’t forget about it; SET A TIMER!


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