Pulling the wool

5 Oct

I am a procrastinator. Queen Procrastinator. I can put things off ’til the very last second and distract myself with anything, anything that will keep me away from the task at hand. A shiny ball, an interesting insect, my knee, a dustmite. Anything.

I have a list as long as my arm of things that I want to learn to do or should do before I die or turn 30: Learn how to play a  musical instrument; rediscover how to draw; learn photography (I live with a photographer for God’s sake); utilise the amazing things Melbourne has to offer (galleries, live music etc); reconnect with old friends.  You know, the normal crap we all say every year in a well-meaning drunken kind of way.  I have succeeded in a few recently: getting a personal trainer and giving up being a booze-bloated trash bag. And last week I learned how to…fly a plane! No not really. Much less exciting, in fact. Sorry to get your hopes up. I just learned how to crochet. Can I hear a “That’s lovely dear!”?

I have been wanting to learn how to crochet for years and numerous people have tried to teach me but ended up yelling at me as I held the hook like a chronically arthritic racoon. Books don’t help as the diagrams confuse me for some reason. I need to look and learn. I am a looker-learner. And last week the lovely Miss Kreeight, my fabulous crafty friend who also has been putting off how to learn, finally taught herself from the internet* and patiently sat down and taught me how to be more like a nana. And I GOT IT!

I have now been obsessively making squares with the intention of stitching them together to make a rug, however I soon discovered it was far more addictive to just keep on going and effectively make one massive square aka; a rug. It will be a present for my nana. Yes. I do things backwards. When I visit my nana, I usually sit and knit as we watch ‘Keeping Up Appearances” and she says: “Oh, I really should get mine out”, but doesn’t and then we doze off all warm and full from tea and cake in front of the fire. Yep. I’m out nana-ing my nana.

Nana never learned how to crochet, so perhaps I’ll teach her when I visit next. She needs a new hobby, I’m sure.

*Miss Kreeight learned to crochet from  Meet Me At Mikes. Try it yourself or just visit the site; it’s very cute!


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