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Sorry for my absence, but I was busy becoming a hooker

23 Jan

I really am a terrible blogger, aren’t I? My problem is that I when I begin a new thing, I tend to become a little obsessed (it runs in the family), and recently I have had  an all consuming obsession with crochet and the past six months has seen me nestled in cosy corners with a cup of tea, a pile of wool and a crochet hook firmly grasped in my hand.

I know that I have mentioned that I have attempted crochet in the past, but this time I took to it a little too well. I was house and dog sitting for some friends when they went to Europe for 3 months (Kristen has a fantastic sewing blog over at Late Nights and Lockstitch – check it out!) – and so with the onset of winter,  the sudden lack of housemates and a massive influx of time (I was retrenched), I made it my mission in life to master this craft.

And so, ladies and gentlemen, that’s when I became a full time hooker.

I have, of course, been doing some cooking and preserving during this time, so there are some recipes to come, I promise! In the meantime, you can have a little look at what my hands have been doing. This was my first major project: a ‘Sunburst’ blanket:

I also made hats:

A rainbow rug:

I crocheted on my trip to Thailand:

And a few other bits and pieces:

So that is where all of my spare time has gone and  why I once again became a blog neglectarino. Sorry Blog! Sorry Readers! I solemnly swear to be more regular with my posts – well, until my next obsession comes along. Is that you calling macrame?