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The Seaside

13 Nov

I escaped to the seaside this weekend.

I stayed in an old weatherboard beach house with my nana and  her boyfriend and my cousin and  fiance and their little boy.There was no TV, just the sound of the waves and our voices as we chatted and reminisced over tea and beer.

We went to sleep with the sounds of the waves crashing on the shore and woke to  rain in the morning which cleared for a beautiful warm day. We picnicked on the beach and I went for my first swim of the season, and briefly washed away the bustle of the city and the stresses of work.

The house we stayed in did not look as if it had changed much since the ’70’s, which is why I chose to use the sepia filter to relfect the nostalgia and the  feeling of being transported back in time.

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10 Nov